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Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 - Tutorial for Beginners in 17 MINS! [+Overview]

Get into a new Way of Learning Microsoft PowerPoint 2019. Getting started, basics. MORE at https://theskillsfactory.com/.
Full Guide here: http://bit.ly/microsoftoffice2019
Enable SUBTITLES if you have troubles at understanding the accent. Leave feedback if you can!

00:00 Intro
01:14 Start Page, Workspace
01:59 The Slides
03:03 The Elements
04:18 The Shapes, Text
06:05 The Lists
06:39 Shapes Formatting
07:36 The Tables
09:37 Import Media
10:05 Object Format
11:45 The Charts
12:52 Preview and Transitions
14:09 The Animations
16:16 Saving


Welcome to The Skills Factory™!
Enter a new way of learning software in around 15 minutes!

We would like to become your quick source to start your dreams.
And we will do always our best. ♥
Luciana Turnbo : I loved and enjoyed very much so that it took me 45mins to write everything down step by step,,,,,IM OFF TO A GREAT START BECAUSE OF THIS VIDEO,,,,MMUUUAAAHHHHH
Dhruv Chopra : i realt like the vid thnx
Sonamit Lepcha : Is there an option to copy n paste words document to pp2019
VILMA ANSOC : Thank you so much
Daganight GAMING : Paga
LuiRowe : Very good presentation
Aresha Melancholic : I have to admit that this Office 2019 pretty hard to use
Malcolm Farrell : Thanks for the educational lesson for PowerPoint presentations. Keep up the great work! :)
Enrico Valdez : Its very hard to understand your toturial for the first timer like me so very fast to teaching..
Carolyn Best : Question: After you create the PPTX presentation with animations, etc. what equipment do you need/use to show your presentation?

5 Steps 3D Infographic in PowerPoint 2019, PPT graphic design, PPT design idea 072

Leave your email address if you want this template。
This video show how to Create 5 stages CIRCULAR Infographic in PowerPoint Presentation.
How to Draw 5 Process Models in PowerPoint
Creative 5 stage PPT design
free powerpoint template
PowerPoint shapes design ideas 043
PowerPoint design ideas.
PPT 设计创意
Learn to create filled Spheres infographics in PowerPoint with this tutorial.
business,finance,pie chart,percentage
Icha Diaz : diazicha07@gmail.com

[SEVENTEEN] GOING SEVENTEEN 2019 EP.4 고잉엔터테인먼트 신입 사원들의 발표 시간

[SEVENTEEN] GOING SEVENTEEN 2019 EP.4 고잉엔터테인먼트 신입 사원들의 발표 시간
Jung chanwoo : The logo song is what I sing all day
꽃요정 : 싫어요 누른 사람들 너무하다ㅠㅠ 좋아요만 눌러주세요ㅠㅠ 세븐틴오빠들 이 캐럿이 언제나 빛내줄께 화이팅!!!!!!사랑해욤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 글구 준이 오빠 1+1넘나 귀여운 핵귀 예요
이고퐈혜정 : 16:30
emma ahern : I didn’t know what Seungkwan was saying for most of his presentation but I was living for his nervous enthusiasm GO BOO
Nora Itzel Bautista Celedonio : donde esta The8??????
tzuchewy sweet : Dino was having the time of his life
jennifer sarahi mendieta suarez : Pliss put subtibles in spanish we love seventeen but there are some meni people ho's doest'n no speak English
Neha Kingson : When will we hv emg subs for this episode!!!!!!!
Itzel Betancourt : So is thanks to Seungkwan that we have that wonderful intro in GOING SEVENTEEN 2020? I really can't see an episode of GS without singing the intro <3
Eonni Jang : please subtitles please ... because Idon't understand what they are saying,,,
it's there but not all members when they speak appear ... thank you




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