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Canon VIXIA HFS20 HD Camcorder

Canon's VIXIA HFS20 Flash Memory Camcorder, with a 32GB internal flash drive and two SD memory card slots, offers Canon's most sophisticated feature set to date - blurring the line between consumer and professional. Native 24p Mode perfectly matches the frame rate of film. And 5.1-Channel Surround Sound ensures your audio complements the stunning realism of your video. Canon's superlative proprietary imaging technologies help deliver video and 8.0 megapixel photos with incredible detail and lifelike color. With the Canon VIXIA HFS20 4316B001 HD Camcorder, Touch \u0026 Track allows you to achieve sharp focus and precise exposure for any subject, simply by touching the generous 3.5" High Resolution (922,000 dot) Touch Panel LCD. Pick up your Canon VIXIA HFS20 4316B001 HD Camcorder today!

Canon Vixia HFS20 Six Hour Battery For $19!

If you are looking for a long life battery for your HF S20 Canon this is where I bought the one in this video.\r
yozpay ozpay : Dont see the link?
Parker- Crew : update: that battery is not available at amazon at this tlme
TEAM RHINO : What lens hood do you have on the vixia? I bought a sensei but it just pops right off. Thanks in advance for hood advice!
brimest0ne : Great tip on the battery, You're right the camera is an awesome camera I have one as well and I've made side by side with other cameras and nothing looks as good. And Yeah, the battery life is bad 30min for maxed out settings. Thanks for the tip, cheers
SideStrafe : I use the same camera and battery for my airsoft filming, very much recommend this battery.
Obsideus : nice shirt
t-00s : What's the fps? Is it full metal? Do I need a sling?

Dan C : I love your shirt
sodabub : love the vid

ShadowRogueZX : Awesome man

Canon Vixia HF-S20 HD Camcorder Unboxing & Overview

this is my unboxing and overview of the Canon Vixia HF-S20 HD camcorder.\r
Twitter: http://twitter.com/CarnageXB\r
MrSithy- http://www.youtube.com/mrsithy
dtb : would you recommend this CamCorder for filming for YouTube? I am a newbie
p.s. does it support time-lapse?
MrMonsterMusicMedia : I have the same camera did you find any larger batteries for the camera? under like 60 bucks please message me back thank you
GeekisCarnage : I use the camcorder I unboxed in this video.
not : What camera do u use to record ur videos?
Dilly Vue : yea the eye looks to creepy O-O
Monica Sharp : how much is this? can you do a overview of good camcorders, im looking for one around 100-150, 200 max
Cam Man : Is the Vixia the same as the Legria??
octavio montano : I really love this camcorder I bought one for my girlfriend and I. It shoots really good pictures and video is amazing. Right now I'm looking into a wide angle lens but being so many options out there I don't know which one to get. Any recommendations?
SaraRosa77 : Hi, I got the Canon XA10 in Amazon. I also buy a bunch of accessories that include 2 sd card of 32 gbs, 2 extra batteries, a bag, about 3 lenses and two tripod, they all cost me $150, I am soo exciting waiting for it. I'm gonna make a video of the accesories and I hope you like a video response.
Paul Fischer : what is the name of the microphone input on this camera?




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